Many situations occur in life that can maim you temporarily or even permanently …but there is power in words! Poetry can heal the wounds not even a stethoscope can diagnose. Suicide is not the answer.

From postpartum depression to the joy of motherhood this poet, motivational speaker, previous co-host of Ma’at Kemetic Soulism on Gyroscope Radio, host of Poetic Love Series on 97.5 FM, blogger of Elevation TV Network, Loraine “Rain” Collins, comes the blog page When Poetry Heals.

Rain was born in 1975 in the island of Jamaica and migrated to the United States at the age of six with three of her siblings; her Jamaican native parents came to “foreign” prior their children’s arrival to find employment and create  financial stability.  They were overly protective and traditionally religious Pentecostal parents with her father, Clarence Collins, being a bishop and her mother, Florence Collins, a minister.  Growing up in such a home and being the youngest of ten children, Rain felt somewhat stifled, so at the age of eight writing became her outlet.

Today, writing is still  her favorite means of communicating innermost feelings she would otherwise feel uncomfortable relating. Therefore, her writings remain raw and continues to reek with transparency.


When Poetry Heals is all about empowerment through the use of personal experiences, poetry, and health tips to maintain wellness mentally, emotionally, and physically.  The pain of individuals worldwide is a clarion call in Rain’s heart, so much so, that she can not possibly ignore it. “We who have overcome depression, loss of loved ones, breast cancer, domestic violence and other life altering occurrences must rise and inform those who are presently going through four simple words: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” That is the mantra Rain lives by.

This is the mission of When Poetry Heals …to spread love, spread positive vibes, and to aide in the healing of mental and emotional illnesses.

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