Love Is…

Rain’s Voice

Love is …my father’s hug

My mother’s kiss on the forehead

My brothers’ teasing  

My sisters’ laughing

My nephews’ playing ball

My nieces’ dancing

My daughter’s tiny ‘lil hands

Love is …memories

Of Sunday morning worship

At the ‘lil gray church

The house we grew up in  

Family dinners at Thanksgiving

Christmas wrapping all over  

Mommy’s living room floor

Love is …moments

Moments that are simply unforgettable

Like graduation and weddings

The birth of a new addition

Like Charms declaring she was gonna have twins

And Ian strutting 28th Street in ‘50s clothing


When I recall

I realize I’ve been truly blessed  

My journey is not yet complete  

But with God on my side

And the love of family

I will overcome, one trial at a time

Love is …the strength to face tomorrow.

Life lesson learned through personal experience: No family is perfect. We disagree, have miscommunications, don’t speak on a daily basis but when one falls ill the whole gang pulls together and for that I’m grateful. They are the annoying individuals that give you criticism and support all in one sentence. BLESSED.

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